Shorts: Bosnia

Strengthening Corporate Governance in Fragile and Conflict-affected Countries

Released in 2016Running Time: 7:03Filmed in ,

Today many countries face political instability or are struggling to emerge from years of conflict. This threatens to destroy once vibrant businesses, sending more people into poverty. IFC works in fragile and conflict-affected countries to help businesses weather the difficulties through stronger corporate governance and by building up companies’ resilience, so they can emerge from crisis as powerful engines of economic growth. For more information, visit:

Women for Women International: Who We Are

Released in 2016Running Time: 2:42Filmed in , , ,

In countries affected by conflict and war, Women for Women International supports the most marginalized women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support. By using skills, knowledge, and resources, she is able to create sustainable change for herself, her family, and community.