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Videos for Good. The name says it all. We are a boutique video production studio based in Washington, D.C., traveling the world to tell your story. Our team has been to more than 100 countries. We are seriously committed to treating our clients, subjects, and crew fairly, especially across cultural and language barriers. And these days, we have the luxury of being incredibly focused: we only make documentary-style videos for international organizations that do good. 

Since 2002, making videos for good


So when it’s time to raise awareness, do some fundraising, or simply show your great results, call Dorst MediaWorks. Let’s make some Videos for Good

If you are a nongovernmental organization (NGO) or a not-for-profit, we want to tell your story. You do great work transforming people’s lives. The people you serve are your greatest fans, and when they tell your story, documentary-style, their passion and enthusiasm is contagious. When we amplify their story with a little cinematic magic, this forges an emotional connection between your work and your audience. Sometimes, that’s a head connection, but more often, it’s a heart connection. Let’s collaborate and create videos that motivate and inspire people to advocate for what you do.

Are you a Nonprofit making the world a better place? Let’s make some Videos for Good.


Are you a Government Agency making the world a better place? Let’s make some Videos for Good.

Photo by Jake Lyell.

Video production and storytelling for government agencies that do good around the world has been our privilege for years. We’ve filmed in Haiti for USAID, Malawi for MCC, and Afghanistan for USDA, producing diverse stories. Our documentary-style videos translate high-level issues and topics into results on a human scale—outcomes you can see and feel in communities around the globe. These stories share knowledge, advocate for policies, and illustrate results. 


Perhaps you work for a private sector company that supports philanthropy, volunteerism, or CSR work around the world. Increasingly this is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also a strategic differentiator that makes your company a workplace of choice.

Are you a Mission-Driven Company making the world a better place? Let’s make some Videos for Good.


Are you a Multilateral Organization making the world a better place? Let’s make some Videos for Good.

Photo by Jake Lyell

Washington, D.C. has the greatest concentration of multilateral organizations in the world, and we enjoy working with them. In fact, we have worked with the biggest and the best. The world is a complex place, and while bilateralism may be in fashion these days, the most complex global challenges like fragility and conflict, climate change, financial stability, and global health are best tackled with multilateral solutions that unite the strongest, richest countries with all the rest. 


If you don’t see yourself above, contact us anyway. Are you passionate about something that is making the world a better place? Then talk with us. We want to hear from you.


Our clients include:

Dorst MediaWorks has teamed up with diverse clients in various sectors around the world. Our solutions are rock solid, solutions that will make your job easier. We tailor our video solutions to your specific needs to bring your goals to life. Along the way we’ve garnered Emmys, Tellys, and other awards. 

World Bank Group
AT&T People Planet Possibilities
Braille Institute
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
Catholic Relief Services
Colombia University
Discovery Communications
Distributed Sun
Earth Institute
Earth Justice
FBR Media
Forum One
Global Environment Facility
Habitat for Humanity
Human Rights Campaign
ICF International
International Crisis Group
International Finance Corporation
International Medical Corps
International Monetary Fund
Johns Hopkins University
Maryland Public Television
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
Nathan Associates
National Democratic Institute
Plan International
Population Services International
Public Institute Registry
Red Cross
Ross Prize for Cities
SIGN Fracture Care International
Smithsonian Institution
Thurgood Marshall Academy
UN Foundation
United Nations
University of Baltimore
US Department of State
VEGA, Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance
World Wildlife Fund
World Resources Institute

Women for Women International

We’d love to hear from you, to talk about the next international video production you have in mind.

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