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Los Angeles Documentary Video Production – JOBS for G.I.s (trailer) for DirecTV

2015Time: 1:24:00Film’s Website
Watch: DirecTV


Jobs for G.I.s documents the struggles vets face finding a job when they separate from the military. Set in Los Angeles, which has the largest veteran population in the country, the film follows the journeys of five vets — one each from the Army, Marines, Navy, and two from the Air Force — as they try to overcome unique obstacles and launch new careers in the civilian world.


Z-Channel Films’ team of Doug Gritzmacher and Steve Dorst were the first filmmakers to be hired externally to make a documentary for DirecTV’s Audience Channel. Jobs for G.I.s premiered internationally to DirecTV’s 40 million viewers on Veteran’s Day 2015. Blog posts on Jobs for G.I.s. Jobs for G.I.s on IMDB. Jobs for G.I.s at Z-Channel Films.


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