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Washington DC Video Production: “A Celtic Tiger Booms & Busts” [#1/6] The IMF in Ireland

2018Time: 2:11IMF

This is the story of the Irish Miracle, crisis, and recovery. When the Irish economy overheated in 2008, a property bubble and banking crisis provoked a severe economic downturn. In part because of regional dynamics and the Great Recession, Ireland’s response was insufficient, and the decline persisted. In late 2010, a troika of institutions responded: the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the IMF. Despite growing pains, the troika succeeded in stabilizing Ireland’s banks and helping the economy bounce back. This is #1 of 6 videos in a series. The International Monetary Fund engaged Dorst MediaWorks to tell deeper documentary stories about its work in Vietnam, Ireland, and Colombia. Directed, shot, written, edited, and produced by Steve Dorst.

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