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Shorts: Kenya

Videos for Good [Dorst MediaWorks Reel 2018]

Released in 2016Running Time: 02:50Filmed in , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The new 2018 Dorst MediaWorks Reel integrates new footage from 20+ productions in 2017, including stories in Colombia, Ireland, Senegal, and Vietnam for organizations that do good around the world. Every frame was either directed or shot by documentary filmmaker Steve Dorst. Since 2003, we’ve made 250+ videos for 50+ organizations in 25+ countries. For a free consultation: [email protected]

Washington DC Video Production – Kenya: “Kinote’s Story” (in Japanese) for IFC

Released in 2013Running Time: 03:58Filmed in

This is the story of Kinote, who almost gives up farming before learning profitable coffee production. And the company Ecom SMS, which is providing training and market access to smallholder farmers in Kenya for the first time. Since 2005, the World Bank Group’s inclusive business unit has worked with over 300 inclusive businesses in over 80 countries, helping to reach more than 250 million people. This short doc was filmed in Meru, mastered in English, with additional distribution to stakeholders in Japan. Directed, shot, and edited by Steve Dorst at the Dorst MediaWorks studio in Washington DC.

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