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Shorts: Vietnam

Vietnam Rising

Released in 2018Running Time: 3:45Filmed in

Opening up to trade and reforming the economy has helped Vietnam lift 40 million people out of poverty over the last three decades. Find out why — and how — the Vietnamese people managed this remarkably fast transition from low-income to middle-income status. Mdm. Nguyen Thi Hong, Deputy Governor of Vietnam’s Central Bank, tells the story. Directed, shot, written, and edited by Steve Dorst.

Privatizing Vietnam’s State-Owned Companies

Released in 2018Running Time: 3:06Filmed in

When Vietnam started privatizing state-owned enterprises in the 1980s, the private sector began to flourish. When Vinamilk, a dairy product company, was privatized the company expanded globally, and today is operating in more than 43 countries, surpassing $2 billion revenues in 2016. Directed, shot, written, and edited by Steve Dorst.

FDI in Vietnam

Released in 2018Running Time: 2:29Filmed in

Foreign direct investment (FDI) has become a huge driver of growth for Vietnam, attracting businesses seeking large-scale production capacity and skilled workers. Samsung’s Mr. Ha Chan Ho shares his experience working in Vietnam and how this dynamic economy has benefited the company. Directed, shot, written, and edited by Steve Dorst.

Videos for Good [Dorst MediaWorks Reel 2018]

Released in 2016Running Time: 02:50Filmed in , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The new 2018 Dorst MediaWorks Reel integrates new footage from 20+ productions in 2017, including stories in Colombia, Ireland, Senegal, and Vietnam for organizations that do good around the world. Every frame was either directed or shot by documentary filmmaker Steve Dorst. Since 2003, we’ve made 250+ videos for 50+ organizations in 25+ countries. For a free consultation: [email protected]


Released in 2017Running Time: 1:27Filmed in

In just 30 years, Vietnam has undergone a profound transformation from planned economy to the next Asian Tiger. The IMF sent documentary filmmaker Steve Dorst to Vietnam to search out stories that help explain Vietnam’s rapid rise.

The Power of Education

Released in 2017Running Time: 1:32Filmed in

Vietnam has invested heavily in education, allowing young people to fulfill their dreams of starting their own business. Hear how Nguyen Thu Ha thinks her studies will enable her to be a successful business owner. The IMF sent documentary filmmaker Steve Dorst to Vietnam to search out stories that help explain Vietnam’s rapid rise as a next-generation “Asian tiger” economy.

Partners in Progress

Released in 2017Running Time: 6:30Filmed in , ,

Policymakers from Ireland, Vietnam, and Colombia speak about their journeys to overcome financial difficulties and build stronger economies, and how the International Monetary Fund was able to help. One of many countries hit by the global financial crisis, Ireland faced a major banking crisis that caused mass unemployment and systemic housing foreclosures. Vietnam embarked on major reforms to open up its economy to trade and investment, as it sought to fulfill its ambition to become the latest Asian tiger. Colombia, for its part, required more revenue to weather an historic shock and move forward with the country’s historic peace agreement after 50 years of civil war.  The IMF sent filmmaker Steve Dorst to these three countries, and Steve served as director/shooter/editor/writer/producer.

IMF: Never Refuse the Call

Released in 2017Running Time: 2:38Filmed in , ,

Economic hardship can strike anywhere. Before World War II, countries rarely sought outside advice on monetary and fiscal policy. But as the global economy zigs and zags, who do countries turn to? The IMF never refuses the call. In 2017, more than 180 countries worked closely with the IMF on issues important to them.

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