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Steve Dorst is a documentary filmmaker based in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. His feature documentary films include Jobs For G.I.s (2015), Shattered Sky (2012), and Volcanic Sprint (2007). You can watch them on DirecTV, PBS, iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon. He is currently in post-production on The Park and in production on two other feature documentaries.

Jobs for G.I.s

2015Time: 1:24:00Film's Website

STORY Jobs for G.I.s documents the struggles vets face finding a job when they separate from the military. Set in Los Angeles, which has the largest veteran population in the country, the film follows the journeys of five vets — one each from the Army, Marines,…

Shattered Sky: The Battle for Energy, Economy, and Environment

2012Time: 60:00Film's Website

STORY Thirty years ago, scientists reported a hole in the ozone layer 'the size of North America.' The culprit was a man-made chemical called CFCs, and the stakes were literally "life as we know it." Yet business remained bitterly opposed. Politicians were slow to act. Like…

Volcanic Sprint

2007Time: 52:30Film's Website

STORY The sleepy town of Buea in the Southwest Province of Cameroon hosts Africa's most grueling footrace: the Mt. Cameroon Race of Hope, a marathon-length sprint 10,000 feet up a live volcano, and back down again. To conquer the mountain, racers must overcome some of…

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