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You engage us to craft and implement a strategic social-media marketing campaign across one or more platforms. We perform all strategic planning, creative development, campaign execution, media buying, and performance tracking. We bring to life a daily campaign of short, vertical videos, imbued with the personality and character of your brand, in a contemporary way for diverse, modern audiences. The objective is to improve brand awareness, engagement, and business results.

Discover how we increased FlyGATEWAY'S followers by more than 1,750% in one year!

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Our Social Media Services

  • Social media strategy, optimization, & campaign execution on one or more platforms
  • Video production on location
  • UGC and media training of your designated staff
  • Content conception, production, editorial photo, video, motion graphics
  • Social media publishing Posting, captions, & engagement
  • Media buying Paid ads strategy, management, & optimization
  • Performance tracking Data collection, analysis, and reporting (weekly & monthly) using Sprout Social
  • Creative direction photo design, video editing, motion graphics
  • Creative direction Scriptwriting & editorial
  • Short Vertical Videos Will Rule Them All

    The centerpiece of our creative campaign is short, vertical videos. Tiktok’s success is pushing not only Instagram—but also You Tube shorts, Facebook reels, and even Linkedln—to tweak their algorithms in favor of short, vertical videos. The marketing industry continues to migrate to our specialty: Video Storytelling.

  • Objective: Brand-Building & Results

    Dorst MediaWorks performs all social marketing across platforms. This includes strategic planning, creative development, campaign execution, media buying, and performance tracking. The objective is to improve the brand and reputation. Through a daily campaign of bite-sized videos, we bring your expertise to life, imbuing it with character and personality in a contemporary way for diverse audiences. Our campaigns increase your followers, engagement, and impressions, catalyzing growth of mindshare, clients, and revenue.

  • Scope of Work: High-Frequency

    Compared with other strategies, we propose a high-frequency approach. We will post daily. for a minimum of 30 posts per month. About 75% of the posts will be short, vertical videos that engage, inform, and entertain. We have solid results that validate this high-frequency approach. The reality is that your audience will come to you gradually and unpredictably, and we intend to reward them with fresh content that is never more than a day old. We believe this strategy will distinguish you from the competition.

  • Platform-Specific Substance

    The risk of a high-frequency approach is sacrificing quality. However, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality content. Dorst MediaWorks’ roots are in documentary storytelling: we believe that authentic personal voices are the most impactful content. That’s why included in our service is regular filming of you, your staff, and your business activities. As we grow with you, we also offer media training, including UGC, so you can develop organic, authentic voices in-house.

  • 24x7 Reporting

    We obsessively track key performance indicators across metrics of followers, engagement, and impressions. We report these weekly and monthly. You have access to these reports 24×7.

  • Case Study: flyGATEWAY

    When flyGATEWAY hired Dorst MediaWorks as its marketing agency in July 2022, the flyGATEWAY Instagram account had 598 followers, growth was 2% per month, and engagement was nonexistent. In the first year, we averaged 28% monthly growth (our competitors averaged 2%). Today, we have more than 15,000+ followers and a steady stream of quality leads for the flyGATEWAY flight school.

    Download a free case-study of our work with flyGATEWAY.

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