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Repairing the Shattered Sky

I wanted to share a great follow-up to my Bloomberg article last week. Policy Innovations, a publication of the Carnegie Council, ran a Q&A with me entitled Repairing the Shattered Sky. Editor Evan O’Neil asked some tough questions. I call climate negotiations “medieval trade fairs” and US politicians “cowards.” I hope you have a chance to read it!

It was good fun, particularly thinking about the film and the issues it raises through Carnegie’s lens: ethics. China came up a lot. The moral and practical responsibility of Americans to act on climate change came up as well. Hope you can read it!

A Video Code of Conduct

Policy Innovations blogs a summary of Steve Dorst’s presentation at a gathering of international nonprofits in Washington DC:

“Steve Dorst of Dorst MediaWorks followed Daub with a presentation A Video Code of Conduct. He stressed the fundamental importance of content. “Content is king,” he said. . . .