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Dorst MediaWorks makes videos for international organizations that do good. Our clients include USAID and its subcontractors, the World Bank Group and its partners, and diverse nonprofits that are changing the world one person, one project at a time. Since 2002, we’ve made 250+ videos for 50+ organizations in 25+ countries. These stories often feature beneficiaries and show how projects improve their lives. They show results, mobilize funds, or raise awareness. Topics include: health, agriculture, the environment, gender, small business, and education. Through this work, we aim to make the world a more just, sustainable, and equal place — and strengthen the organizations that are doing this important work. Award-winning films, emphatic storytelling, global reach.

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By Afghans, for Afghans: Point of View (Herschel Weeks)

2014Time: 2:24USDA

This is the story of Herschel Weeks, an American aid worker who has led projects in challenging places around the world for the past 25 years. As Chief of Party […]

Expanding Microfinance in Rural Lebanon

2014Time: 4:42USAID

This is the story of a USAID project, Lebanon Investment in Microfinance Program, which worked with nine microfinance institutions to improve access to finance and increase lending to business owners […]

Privatizing Vietnam’s State-Owned Companies

2018Time: 3:06IMF

When Vietnam started privatizing state-owned enterprises in the 1980s, the private sector began to flourish. When Vinamilk, a dairy product company, was privatized the company expanded globally, and today is […]

Emerging Senegal: Guaranteed

2017Time: 4:15MIGA

This is the story of the Dakar Port, and how Senegal got a world-class container terminal thanks to the investments of Dubai Port World. It’s also the story of Standard […]

Promoting Trade in Ethiopia

2014Time: 4:48IESC

This is the story of Mohammed, Sarah, and Abebe, three Ethiopian businesspeople who built successful companies exporting to the United States. It’s also the story of USAID, whose advice and […]

Zimbabwe: Tich’s Story

2011Time: 04:20CRS

This is the story of the brave and immensely talented Tichaona Mudhobi, or “Tich.” And the story of Catholic Relief Services and its humanitarian arm benefiting HIV survivors in Zimbabwe. […]

Lebanon: Rabih’s Fishing Business

2014Time: 03:46USAID

This is the story of Rabih, who struggles to make a living as a fisherman before buying a new boat and building his business. And the microfinance institution Al Majmoua, […]

Kenya: Kinote’s Story (in Japanese)

2013Time: 03:58World Bank Group

This is the story of Kinote, who almost gives up farming before learning profitable coffee production. And the company Ecom SMS, which is providing training and market access to smallholder […]

Vietnam Rising

2018Time: 3:45

Opening up to trade and reforming the economy has helped Vietnam lift 40 million people out of poverty over the last three decades. Find out why — and how — […]


2017Time: 1:27IMF

In just 30 years, Vietnam has undergone a profound transformation from planned economy to the next Asian Tiger. The IMF sent documentary filmmaker Steve Dorst to Vietnam to search out stories […]

Strengthening Corporate Governance in Fragile and Conflict-affected Countries

2016Time: 7:03IFC

Today many countries face political instability or are struggling to emerge from years of conflict. This threatens to destroy once vibrant businesses, sending more people into poverty. IFC works in […]


2017Time: 00:57IESC

Since 1964, IESC has been working around the world to bring the spark that makes dreams burn brighter. IESC is the nonprofit that means business.

Philippines: Maxima’s Story

2013Time: 03:47World Bank Group

This is the story of Maxima, who goes from waiting in line every day for hours for well water to having clean running water in her own home. And the […]

Gender CEO Award: Women Powering Africa

2017Time: 2:39MIGA

MIGA hosted its 2nd Gender CEO Award on International Women’s Day (March 8) to recognize the accomplishments of a CEO, or equivalent, from one of its clients with a record […]

Como é Tua Experiência .ORG? — ARTE — Agência de Redes Para Juventude (Português)

2013Time: 01:11PIR

This is the story of Agência de Redes Para Juventude, a Brazilian nonprofit that fights for social transformation through art and culture. And the story of the Public Interest Registry, the […]

CBCMP: “A Huge Difference”

2014Time: 4:10USDA

This is the story of how the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture improves how it does business, which helps farmers, spurs the economy, and contributes to stability. This is a USDA […]

Lebanon: Hala’s Flower Shop

2014Time: 03:49USAID

This is the story of Hala, who had a passion for flower arranging and used to dream of starting her own business. And the microfinance institution Vitas, which is extending […]

By Afghans, for Afghans: Point of View (Mohammad Jaqob Hotak)

2014Time: 03:15USDA

This is the story of Dr. Jaqob, the director of HR at the 9,000-member Ministry of Agriculture in Kabul. Following the war, his office is in shambles, unable to help millions […]

Afghanistan: Taking Stock of a Modern Ministry

2014Time: 2:16USDA

This is the story of the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture: wits more than 9,000 staff and tens of millions of dollars of new donor investments,  it needed a way to track […]

Women for Women International: Who We Are

2016Time: 2:42Women for Women International

In countries affected by conflict and war, Women for Women International supports the most marginalized women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home […]

Portugal: Inside the Aggregation of Águas do Ribatejo

2017Time: 4:53World Bank Water

This is the story of the aggregation of Águas do Ribatejo, and how it moved forward with a difficult  aggregation that achieved the goal of better quality services and greater environmental sustainability.

By Afghans, for Afghans: Point of View (Noor Seddiq)

2014Time: 02:39USDA

This is the story of Noor Seddiq, an Afghan national who after 25 years living in the U.S. has returned to help rebuild the country. As Deputy Chief of Party […]

Partners in Progress

2017Time: 6:30IMF

Policymakers from Ireland, Vietnam, and Colombia speak about their journeys to overcome financial difficulties and build stronger economies, and how the International Monetary Fund was able to help. One of […]

Afghanistan: From Ledgers to Biometrics

2014Time: 03:47USDA

This is the story of a transformation. After the war, the Afghanistan Ministry of Agriculture is in disarray. Staff stand in line for an hour to sign in for work […]

Videos for Good [Dorst MediaWorks Reel 2018]

2016Time: 02:50

The new 2018 Dorst MediaWorks Reel integrates new footage from 20+ productions in 2017, including stories in Colombia, Ireland, Senegal, and Vietnam for organizations that do good around the world. […]

Ethiopia: Sara’s Handicraft Passion

2014Time: 04:26IESC

This is the story of Sara, a fashion designer from Ethiopia. Not long ago, she had 7 employees and was struggling to turn a profit in the local market. Today she […]

Egypt: Family Business Governance

2013Time: 03:19IFC

This is the story of two Lebanese families, the Freijis and Nasrallahs, and their Egypt-based industrial company, the Wadi Group. When they made fundamental improvements to Wadi’s board structure, that was when the company […]

Joining Forces for Better Water Services

2017Time: 2:11World Bank Water

Based on the World Bank’s Global Solutions Group report, “Joining Forces for Better Services: When, Why, and How Water and Sanitation Utilities Can Benefit from Working Together.” The video introduces […]

Brazil: Inside the Water Utility Aggregation in the state of Ceará

2017Time: 4:32World Bank Water

This is the story of an innovative aggregation model that emerged in Ceará state to support communities in securing reliable, efficient, and sustainable water supplies. In the state of Ceará, in […]

Lebanon: Samir’s Cattle Business

2014Time: 04:07USAID

This is the story of Samir, who almost gives up cattle farming before finally building a thriving business. And the microfinance institution Emkan, which is extending loans to fishermen and […]

Colombia: Family Business Governance

2013Time: 02:46IFC

This is the story of Colombia’s Carvajal family, how it is transforming the business practices of a multi-generational family business to meet the challenges of global expansion. The International Finance Corporation, […]

Ethiopia: The Birth of NovaStar Garments

2014Time: 03:45IESC

This is the story of Mohammed, who moves back to Ethiopia after 18 years in the U.S. to open a textile factory. The problem is, he doesn’t have much experience, […]

Integrated Ecosystem Management to Combat Land Degradation

2014Time: 5:27GEF

Imagine waiting for months for scarce rain that only erodes the soil instead of nurturing it. Land degradation is a complex problem that requires holistic solutions. See the video in […]

Ethiopia: Tikur Abay Targets America

2014Time: 04:05IESC

This is the story of Abebe, who owns a shoe company in Ethiopia. Working with USAID, what can he do to break into the massive U.S. market? Since 1964, IESC […]

Romania: Inside the Aggregation of Raja Constanta

2017Time: 4:50World Bank Water

The aggregation of the Romanian water utility Raja Constanta was meant to improve performance, environmental standards, and efficiency. The expansion of the service area extended to both rural and urban areas, and […]

IMF: Never Refuse the Call

2017Time: 2:38IMF

Economic hardship can strike anywhere. Before World War II, countries rarely sought outside advice on monetary and fiscal policy. But as the global economy zigs and zags, who do countries […]

Afghanistan: Empowering Women Farmers

2014Time: 04:09USDA

After the war, Afghan farmers — particularly women farmers — were getting virtually no support from the government. This is the story of how the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture improves […]

Turkey: Breakthrough Financing Brings Much-Needed Hospital

2017Time: 3:19MIGA

This is the story of recent breakthroughs in the application of political risk insurance and liquidity support which are incentivizing private investors to invest in developing countries. MIGA political risk insurance, and […]

FDI in Vietnam

2018Time: 2:29IMF

Foreign direct investment (FDI) has become a huge driver of growth for Vietnam, attracting businesses seeking large-scale production capacity and skilled workers. Samsung’s Mr. Ha Chan Ho shares his experience […]

Azerbaijan: Corporate Governance

2011Time: 09:49IFC

This is the story of a donor, a banker, a businessman, a regulator, a journalist, and a professor — all who’ve contributed to improving the corporate governance in the fast-changing economy of […]

Mexico: Delfino’s Story

2013Time: 04:16World Bank Group

This is the story of Delfino, who goes from being evicted to owning his first house. And the company Vinte, which is building affordable housing for low-income home buyers in […]

WRI Ross Prize for Cities

2017Time: 1:12WRI Ross Center

With the generous support of visionary business leader and philanthropist Stephen M. Ross, WRI Ross Center is announcing a global competition designed to identify, celebrate and replicate transformative initiatives that […]

Como é Tua Experiência .ORG? — DANCA — Agência de Redes Para Juventude (Português)

2013Time: 01:11PIR

This is the story of Agência de Redes Para Juventude, a Brazilian nonprofit that fights for social transformation through dance and culture. And the story of the Public Interest Registry, the […]

The Power of Education

2017Time: 1:32IMF

Vietnam has invested heavily in education, allowing young people to fulfill their dreams of starting their own business. Hear how Nguyen Thu Ha thinks her studies will enable her to […]

IFC Corporate Governance Advisory Services

2015Time: 3:13IFC

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, provides a range of specialized services designed to strengthen companies by improving corporate governance. In addition to providing assessments, improvement plans, and […]

Como é Tua Experiência .ORG? AfroReggae (Português)

2013Time: 01:14PIR

This is the story of Grupo Cultural AfroReggae, a Brazilian nonprofit that fights for social transformation through art and culture. And the story of the Public Interest Registry, the global […]

Tackling Fragility, Conflict and Violence

2017Time: 3:15World Bank Group

Addressing the global challenge of fragility, conflict and violence is key to ending poverty and promoting shared prosperity. Fragility affects countries at all income levels, and risks such as enmate […]

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