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Why Choose Dorst MediaWorks For Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

We specialize in video-dominant social-media marketing engagement. Today’s algorithms prefer short, vertical videos. With 20+ years as a video-production company, we are expert visual storytellers. Your brand personality and customer engagement goes better with video. 

Our Mission: Videos for Good

Our mission is to make the world a more just and sustainable place by being the best boutique video production studio for organizations like yours — that are working to make the world a better place. See our hundreds of videos all over the world.

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Best-in-class Social Media Marketing

The TikTok effect has transformed the video marketing landscape. If your social media is not at least 75% video, you’re outdated. The current algorithms play to our strengths as visual storytellers.

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5-Star Reviews

We are ranked #1 on national lists of the best Instagram marketing and documentary production companies. We aim to exceed your expectations so we can consolidate these top positions.

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Featured Work

Washington DC Video Production Services – 2019 reel – Dorst MediaWorks “Videos for Good”

Short | 2019 | 1:00

Hi, I’m Steve Dorst. I started Dorst MediaWorks in 2002 to help organizations show results through inspiring documentary-style videos. That journey has taken our team…

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Washington DC Video Production Services: “Metrocable” (Ross Prize finalist)

Short | 2019 | 3:39

Metrocable is helping to shift the boundaries of urban opportunity through an innovative transport system in Medellín, Colombia. Credits: Produced, directed, shot, written, edited by…

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Washington DC USAID Video Production: Lebanon & Rabih’s Fishing Business

Short | 2014 | 03:46

This is the story of Rabih, who struggles to make a living as a fisherman before buying a new boat and building his business. And…

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Washington DC Government Video Production: “Annie’s Story,” Millennium Challenge Corporation in Malawi

Short | 2018 | 2:06

This is the story of Annie's tragic loss and her new passion. It's also the story of how the Millennium Challenge Corporation helped Malawian women…

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Washington DC Video Production: “Partners in Progress” The IMF in Ireland, Vietnam & Colombia

Short | 2017 | 6:30

Policymakers from Ireland, Vietnam, and Colombia speak about their journeys to overcome financial difficulties and build stronger economies, and how the International Monetary Fund was…

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Como é Tua Experiência .ORG? AfroReggae (Português)

Short | 2013 | 01:14

This is the story of Grupo Cultural AfroReggae, a Brazilian nonprofit that fights for social transformation through art and culture. And the story of the…

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Washington DC Video Production: Ross Prize for Cities, Who We Are

Short | 2017 | 1:12

With the generous support of visionary business leader and philanthropist Stephen M. Ross, WRI Ross Center is announcing a global competition designed to identify, celebrate…

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Washington DC Video Production Services: “SWaCH” (Ross Prize finalist)

Short | 2019 | 4:06

SWaCH Pune Seva Sahakari Sanstha is a member-owned cooperative for waste pickers that is helping to clean up the streets of Pune, India. Credits: Produced,…

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Videos for Good

A Global Portfolio: Click a Country!

Launched in Washington, DC in 2002, our roots are in helping organizations show results with documentary-style videos. We have worked at the highest level of private sector, nonprofit, government, and international development, with USAID, the World Bank, and dozens of companies and nonprofits changing the world one person at a time. And we continue to produce award-winning, human-centered stories. Meanwhile, the video-marketing landscape has changed. Today, we are an boutique agency specializing in video-dominant social media strategies and storytelling. Recently. we were ranked the nation's top company for Instagram marketing. It all started with "Videos for Good" ©.

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Dunn & Bradstreet

Documentary filmmaker

Steve Dorst

Founder and Creative Director Steve Dorst is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. He founded Dorst MediaWorks in 2002. Steve’s documentary films include Dani’s Twins (2021), Jobs For GIs (2015), Shattered Sky (2012), and Volcanic Sprint (2007)…meet our team

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Launching West Africa Office, Dorst MediaWorks Welcomes Producer Teddy Attila

Dorst MediaWorks just opened an office in West Africa! Cotonou, Benin-based Teddy Attila is leading it.

This is part of a longer-term effort to offer local, cost-effective services to our international development, humanitarian, and private-sector clients, including USAID, the World Bank Group, and dozens of nonprofits.

It’s also a response to changing demand. Traditionally, our clients commissioned us for expensive films about once per year.

But these days, they want regular social-media content – and lots of it. With teams on the ground in the region, Dorst MediaWorks can do both in a more cost-effective manner.


Teaming Up …

Producer Teddy Attila is based in Cotonou, Benin.

It started with a new friendship. I went to Benin last year for a two-week shoot with the U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). It was distinctive in that my counterpart, Teddy Attila was such a rock star. I was immediately impressed by his charisma and ability to connect with everybody –

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